Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The O'Connors are complete!

We go to take a wonderful trip back to Portland to be in my brother, Pat's wedding.  We had a great couple days there (not long enough though) and gave us a little taste to tide us over until our Christmas trip!
This was a week before the wedding, on October 29, which was our 5 year wedding anniversary.  As always, I look happy while Jean-Luc looks surprised.  ;) All of us O'Connor kids got married in the fall. Jack and Kelly Oct. 22, 2004, us, and Pat and Jennifer on November 6 2010!

These pictures are a little too close...okay, a lot too close.  Had to re-do my hair and it came out pretty well- but was a little dissapointed with the dude that did it.... conversation went as follows:
Me: I was thinking loose curls, and having my hair pinned up low and to the side.  Also, putting my bangs up in a little pomp...
Him: Ok (mummbled)
Me: The only think I really don't want is super tight to my head or really tight ringlets.
Him: Ok (mummbled)
What style did he give me you ask?  I got a tight, slicked back chignon directly center at the nape of the neck, with one, random ringlet in front of my ear on the right..... and btw... he didn't even touch my bangs.
But, I did leave the salon with a lifetime supply of bobby pins in my hair.......

Best parts of Portland!!!!! Family, Friends, Skyline, and Burgerville!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One of the last/best things I saw before getting on the plane back to the midwest.... my mom, just the way I like her.... silly and fabulous!

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  1. Oh, Caitlin. It appears great homemakers think alike, as I am about a week away from launching my own Web site to compete with yours. I'm looking forward to reading through yours and stealing ideas to make mine better.