Monday, October 18, 2010

Fall Wreath

Through two moves, I could not find my fall wreath.... a perfect excuse to go to JoAnne's and buy supplies from crabbby old ladies that give my cat-ear beanie dirty looks.... (Excuse me, but you work at a sewing/craft store.... wouldn't you be happy to see someone who actually makes stuff and is creative???) Chalk up another one for living in the midwest....
Anywho.... had a good time making it, and two little drop-wreath thingies...

Before and during construction............

Sorry about the glare from the storm door....
I used a combo of bunches of fall leaves/berries/flowers/cat tails
Ostrich feathers
Black velvet leaves
Red sparkley grass-type stuff

What you can't see is the squirell and/or bunny chew marks on our pumpkins... the little ones get scattered all over lawn every night. :)


  1. That is freaking awesome! I am impressed. I want one.

  2. What a lovely wreath! I wish we had a house to put one on. As it is, I fear the little old lady would steal it, like she did a package mailed to us.

  3. Whaaat? Thieving old ladies.... for shame.