Saturday, November 20, 2010

Construction Paper Christmas Card

I thought that this year, I would make our Christmas cards..... 3 hours and a little carple tunnel syndrome later... here's what I came up with.....

Made these with plain old construction paper, scissors, and glue.  No pens or markers either.... hence the claw-like protrusion I have on the end of my arm that used to be a hand.  Both pieces are 8.5x11.  I don't want to show the completed card though, because I'll be sending these out in the mail soon!

That's Vodka in the water bottle..... just kidding ;)


  1. Is that second photo a depiction of you and your hubby? If so, I've never seen him look that peppy. Cute looking cards though. You have me beat thoroughly on craftiness.

  2. Yup.... and instead of peppy.... I think he looks a little deranged... it had me giggling by the end of 3 hours. And yes- I have the Martha Stewart-ness cornered compared to you ;)