Sunday, October 10, 2010


Here you go mom!  This is our new mantel, in our new house.  It is exactly what I had been looking for, and found it at a neat little shop called Ecletables.  The mosiac hanging on the wall was made by Grandma Julia and her friends who were part of a ladies auxillary called "Home Extension."  This was made over many once-monthly meetings (that, btw, are still being held with surviving members), where a gaggle of mid-century housewives would get together, swap recipies and gossip, and have an day away from kids and chores.  I have many fond memories of the Chritmas Party of 'HE' ladies, where I would be allowed to miss school, eat candy, and be fawned over while serving tea and coffee.
The collection of knick-knacks on and around the mantle are from antique shops, garage sales, and hand-me-downs... I collect anything, as long as it speaks to me.

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